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Comfrey and Meadowsweet Salve


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Comfrey – Symphytum officinale

Comfrey has been used for centuries for its ability to assist in healing.  It contains a substance called Allantoin which penetrates the skin, promoting cell renewal.  Comfrey is especially good to use on slow to heal areas such as tendons and on areas where there has been previous injury. Read More →

Calendula Salve

Calendula is used for its wound healing properties and for its anti-microbial and anti fungal qualities.

This soft, moisturising Calendula salve has many uses:

•    to assist in the healing of cuts and grazes to the skin (after initial cleansing diluted Calendula tincture is good for this);
•    to soothe irritated, rough skin;
•    to soften and soothe cracked dry skin; Read More →