Comfrey and Meadowsweet Salve


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Comfrey – Symphytum officinale

Comfrey has been used for centuries for its ability to assist in healing.  It contains a substance called Allantoin which penetrates the skin, promoting cell renewal.  Comfrey is especially good to use on slow to heal areas such as tendons and on areas where there has been previous injury.


Meadowsweet has anti-inflammatory qualities and brings relief to muscular aches and pains. This salve also contains rosemary essential oil which helps to improve local circulation and aids pain relief.

May also be helpful for the following:

•    osteo-arthritic pain
•    sprains
•    aches and pains in muscles and joints
•    minor fractures (particularly ribs)
•    as a muscle rub prior to or after exercise

Apply and gently rub in 1-2 times per day as required, on unbroken skin

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Ingredients: Olive oil infused with Comfrey leaf and Meadowsweet herb; Cocoa butter, beeswax and rosemary essential oil

(alternatively, can be bought directly from Riverside Health Shop in Newcastle Emlyn (not mail order))