Healthy Food Choices

Ensuring we have a good quality, nutritious diet plays an important part in maintaining and improving our health  When undergoing treatment with herbs, having the best diet you can compliments the action of the herbs.  This is not surprising as in many cases herbs act more like potent foods than drugs.  As the Greek physician  Hippocrates quoted over 2000 years ago  “ let food be thy medicine and  medicine by thy food”.

Since the Industrial Revolution,  the way much of our food is produced has changed a good deal and in the last 70 years or so, this has accelerated, with much of our food being subjected to intensive, industrialised processes  which can in many cases compromise the quality of the food we are putting into our bodies.

As well as avoiding processed foods, further benefit can be obtained from diets that are fined tuned specifically, bearing in mind the individual’s constitution, seasonal change and current state of health.  I offer specifically tailored and practical help in this regard, so that beneficial changes can be made which suit a patient’s lifestyle and complements herbal treatment.