Calendula salve 60ml


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Marigold - CalendulaCalendula is used for its wound healing properties and for its anti-microbial and anti fungal qualities.

This soft, moisturising Calendula salve has many uses:

•    to assist in the healing of cuts and grazes to the skin (after initial cleansing diluted Calendula tincture is good for this);
•    to soothe irritated, rough skin;
•    to soften and soothe cracked dry skin;
•    to protect skin against the elements, especially drying winds;
•    to use as a barrier cream;
•    to remedy cracked heels;
•    to work into the cuticles and nails, soothing any roughness.

Ingredients:  Almond oil infused with Calendula flowers,  Cocoa butter and beeswax